Getting Started

  1. Where do we deliver?We currently deliver in Mombasa County.Plans are underway for deliveries around the 47 major counties in Kenya.
  2. When will I receive my delivery?We have specific delivery slots , and you will receive your delivery in that slot. For details of our delivery days & slots, please check here (link to Delivery schedule page)
  3. How do I place my order ?You can place your order with us, using any one of the 4 ways;
    1. Online on our website
    2. Call & place your order. 0738-308-003
    3. Order through SMS/ Whatsapp
    4. Order on our Social Media platforms ie. Facebook and Twitter
  4. Online Ordering Process Phone Ordering Process: Call Us at 0738-308-003 to place your order. You need to tell our Customer Care Executive the items you wish to purchase & their quantities, your preferred delivery time & location. They will process your order, confirm your address & phone number & tell you the bill amount. Technically, you will be registered with us just like our online customers, just that our customer care executives will key in the details. Suppose you would want to order online you can either create a new account or call us to get your log in & password details. SMS / Whatsapp – Just SMS / Whatsapp us at 0738-308-003 the items you want to order. Order from your Smartphone: Download our mobile app & order using your smartphone. The process is similar to ordering online.
  5. How do I search for produce on shambafresh.comYou can search for items of your choice in the below mentioned ways. Look in our various categories: To make your browsing easy we have categorized our products into various sections namely Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs n’ spices, Poultry etc. Search Bar: Use the Search Bar to initiate a keyword search for any product. You need to type the starting couple of letters of the product, like for Apple, you can type just app.
  6. Why do you require my mobile number during registration?We require your mobile number to send the order confirmation message, to intimate you in case of a late delivery / if the items you have ordered is out-of-stock and other order and delivery related issues. Our Customer service executives may call you to take your order. If you do not wish to receive such calls do let us know.
  7. Why do you require my email id during registration? I don’t have an email Id.Email Id is a mandatory requirement for online ordering. However, if you do not have an email-id, you can still shop with us via phone ordering or guest checkout, we will make the necessary changes & register you without an email id. Even if you prefer phone –ordering, it will be good if you can provide your e-mail id, it helps us keep you updated with our promotional offers, new features & other activities.
  8. What is “ My Account”?“My Account” is your account that you have registered on You can change your personal information, manage your address , view your order history & transaction details. You can also re-order any of your previous orders if you wish to do so.

Online Registration- Troubleshooting:

  1. I am unable to register on shambafresh.comThis is most likely because of browser incompatibility. supports Google Chrome,  Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Safari & Opera. Make sure your browser is one of these or a later version. You might need to upgrade your browser.
  2. I have not received email for the user name and passwordPlease check your spam folder. Sometimes your email service provider directs this mail to the junk folder or treats it as spam. Go to “ My Account” section on homepage and click on the ‘forgot password’ link ,enter the e-mail address used to register. We will send your new password to that email address. If you still don’t receive the email from, it is possible that while signing up, the email address you entered was wrong (eg: instead of Please contact our Customer Service to rectify this.
  3. What if I forget my password ?Go to Log In page , click on “ Forget Password Tab” and enter the e-mail address used to register. We will send your new password to that address.
  4. I am unable to view some product images/ add to cart button /quantities.You may have to clear browsing cache. Clear the cache & restart your browser.

Order/ Delivery Related

  1. Is there a minimum order value?Yes. There is a minimum order value of KSH 1000.
  2. Do you charge for Home Delivery?Yes, if your order value is less than KSH 5000, then we do charge delivery amount of KSH 300, else delivery is free !
  3. Are there any extra charges or taxes like VAT, Service Charge ?No. The prices listed for the products on shambafresh are final and there are no other charges.
  4. Why can’t you deliver on the same day?We do deliver on the same day, only that you need to place your order before 12 A.M , for which the delivery will be made between 1-7 P.M the same day. However, as we source our products directly from the farm & don’t hold stock to ensure freshness, we need lead time for procuring the produce; so for the best & fresh produce place your order the previous day.
  5. I want the order to be delivered at a specific time within the slot I have selected .Is it possible?Our delivery van follows a particular route, depending on that day’s delivery locations, so we may not be able to assure you that the delivery can be done at a specific time. Nevertheless, while placing your order do mention it in the “Comments section” if you are ordering online or mention it to our Customer Service Executive. We will try & do our best.
  6. Can I add or remove products after placing the order?Yes. You need to call our Customer Service to modify your order. Please note that any addition/ deletion to the order should be done before the cut-off time of 9 P.M, on the previous day of delivery. To illustrate, suppose you have placed on order for delivery on 2nd January, you need to cancel your order latest by 9 P.M, on 1st January.
  7. What do I do if I am not happy with the quality of products delivered ?We kindly request you to check the products while accepting the delivery. In case you are not happy with the quality of the product(s), return the item(s) to our Delivery Executive. Please make a remark on the invoice about the return and name of the product returned along with your signature. In case of cash-on- delivery purchase, pay only for the product(s) that you accept. If you have made an online payment through Debit / Credit card/Mobile Phone Payment the refund shall be processed in the next 7 working days. In the event that after accepting the delivery, later on you feel the product(s) are of inferior quality, please call our Customer Care. We will do the needful to see to it that you are not disappointed.
  8. What do I do if a particular item that I have ordered is missing?If an item is missing from your order, please check your invoice to see if you have been billed for that product. In case you have not been billed for it, it means that we have not dispatched it due to some reason maybe we didn’t have the right quality or we are out of stock for that product. In the event you have been billed for a product, but not received it, please call our customer service. They will do the needful.
  9. Can I cancel my order?Yes. In case you would like to cancel an order call our Customer Service, we will cancel your order, and process the refund if the payment is already done. Please note that cancellation should be done before the cut-off time of 9 P.M, on the previous day of delivery i.e suppose you have placed on order for delivery on 2nd January, you need to cancel your order latest by 9 P.M, on 1st January.
  10. I have some specific requirements w.r.t the order, like banana should be ripe, or a delivery instruction, where can I mention that?After you finish adding items to the cart & check-out, you will be directed to the Address tab; wherein you choose your delivery address . Below that is the Comments box ; where you can add any specific requirement w.r.t the order or any specific instructions. You can also call our customer service & tell them your requirements, they will do the needful.
  11. I am unavailable to receive the delivery at the chosen time- slot, can you deliver earlier / later?Pease call our Customer Service and put forth your request; we will try & do our best to accommodate it or will suggest the best possible alternative.
  12. Why is my order late?We try our level best to deliver within your chosen slot; however due to certain reasons like traffic, late arrival of our produce, or break-down of our delivery vehicle etc. we may reach late, please do bear with us. In case we are majorly delayed (caused due to unavoidable circumstances like rain, bandhs, major road-blocks) we will call & intimate you in advance.
  13. Can the order be delivered at a different address than the registered address?Yes. In case you are ordering by phone just mention the address you want it to be delivered to. Online shoppers after checkout, in the address tab, click on “add new address” button & fill out the address where the delivery needs to be made.

Payment- Related

      1. How safe is it to use my Credit / Debit Card on is absolutely safe to make online payments. All credit card and debit card payments on are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks.

Product related

      1. Why do you use plastic bags for packing the produce?Our packaging is designed specifically to ensure no handling & transit damage, retain freshness at the same time is convenient to store. Also our bags are recyclable and food grade.
      2. How do you ensure you supply chain is eco friendly?We only use plastic crates for transport & delivery purposes which can be used repeatedly. Also, all the packaging material used is of food grade and recyclable. On the sourcing side we are educating farmers for low pesticide usage and helping them to improve soil quality.
      3. Do you sort / grade the produce?Yes. We have stringent quality processes at farm-gate as well at our warehouse, and only sorted & graded best quality produce is made available to you. In addition, especially for green leafy vegetables, we also clean & trim the produce for your convenience so that you don’t have to spend precious time cleaning them. You can just wash them & chop/ use it in your food preparations.
      4. Where can I get additional Information about the products sold on, like where it is sourced from etc.?If you click on the “View Details” button on the product display, you will be directed to a page , which gives you several interesting information about the product,

Customer Service

          1. How can I reach you ?You can Call our Customer Service at 0738 308003 ( Monday to Saturday; 9 A.M – 9 P.M) Or write to us at
          2. I would like to suggest some products. How do I do that?You can suggest us your choice of products by calling our Customer Service / Email Us at We will try and procure it for you.
          3. Where can I give feedback about your products & services?Your feedback is very important to us as it will help us improve our products & services. You can post your testimonials & feedback on our social media platfroms . Call Us at 0738 308003. Email Us at You can also post your comments on our facebook page & on our twitter handle.


          1. Do you give discounts on large orders?Yes, in exceptional cases like bulk orders we do offer discounts, please get in touch with our customer service executives.
          2. Do you service corporate / business firms ?Yes, we supply to hotels, canteens as well as corporate entities at special prices. We have a Fruits for Office service, wherein we supply fruits to workplaces. If you are a corporate / business which requires regular supply of fresh produce or for special occasions & events, please get in touch with our Customer service at 0738 308003 to know more.

Unable to find your answer here? Please get in touch with us, our team will be delighted to assist you. You can; Call our Customer Service at 0738 308003. Write to us at