First Online Farm Produce Delivery Store in Kenya

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shambafresh is a great way to save time and money. It’s quick and convenient – and lots of customers say it really helps them stick to a budget and resist impulse purchases.

Why Us

  • Committed to deliver fresh product at most competitive rates straight from the farm
  • Hassle free delivery at your door step.
  • Team of experienced market hunters, procuring goods as per your daily needs.
  • We are evolving and ready to accept your suggestions and feed-backs to serve you better.

ShambaFresh is an online store delivering fresh fruits, vegetables and a wide range of both regular as well as organic grocery to your doorstep.

We believe the first step to having a healthy lifestyle starts at getting healthy food home, however with hectic schedules, traffic woes and long working hours, we realize many are unable to give much attention to the quality or the nutritional aspect of food.

Our motto is “Health First”, that is why you will only find fresh produce all grown in un-contaminated water, with minimum or no use of chemicals. All of our produce comes from verified sources, mostly local & small farmers, so that you get the best quality, wholesome farm-fresh food at honest prices.

Browse through our online store, you will be amazed at our range. We also have multiple payment options. All our products come hygienically packed with great offers and value deals, all at best prices, to ensure that you have a great time every time you shop with us.